Rebecca Mitchell
Licensed Professional Counselor
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280 W. High St.
Waynesburg, PA 15370
About Rebecca Mitchell
I work as a private practice outpatient therapist in Waynesburg. Prior to that I worked as an in home family therapist for 2 years. I received my undergraduate Bachelor's degree from Waynesburg University in 2008 in Elementary and Special Education. In 2014 I graduated from Waynesburg University again, this time with my Master's in Professional Counseling.

I have worked with Pressley Ridge for over 4 years in their residential treatment facility, and as an in home family therapist. I have spent years prior to that working with children and teens in settings that ranged from day care/preschool facilities, schools, homeless shelters, group homes, youth groups, etc. I have spent my entire life working with children, teens, young adults, and families from all walks of life. 

I work with individuals who have struggled with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, sexual identity and orientation concerns, grief and loss, parenting concerns, trauma, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, adoption, adolescents with addictions, self-harming behaviors, suicidal ideation, bipolar disorder, physical disabilities, parent-child interaction concerns, ADHD, dysregulation, attachment issues, anger issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, emotional and behavioral disorders in children, and more.

Specializing in working with children and adolescents, in individual and family therapy.