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Licensed Professional Counselor
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Piper and the Cats
Piper is a Certified Therapy Dog, who works with me to provide therapeutic support to those in need. She is an American Bulldog/Sharpei, also known as a Bullpei. Her birthday is October 24th, 2014 and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, but I have known her since she was born. Piper has the most gentle heart and spirit of any animal I have ever met, and carries a level of calm that resonates with those she interacts with. Piper received her CGC (canine good citizen) award, and then went on to pass her test to become a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs United, and has been working alongside me ever since. Piper has visited schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc... 

Piper loves children, and people in general, and seems to understand their deepest emotional needs in times when they need it the most. Piper seems to always know when someone around her needs a hug, a "handshake," or a good lick in the face :). 

Piper has her very own cat named Simon, who frequently joins her in the office as well. Although he is not certified as anything, Simon's presence is often seen as a therapeutic benefit to those who interact with him. Simon and Piper can often be found cuddling together during session.

Recently 2 kittens joined the staff as well. Bayla and Elliot have their minds made up to do whatever they please. Sometimes they play with parents and siblings in the waiting room, sometimes they cuddle with whoever is being seen. 

If while visiting you feel uncomfortable with Piper's presence, she will mind her manners and keep her distance without question. She will allow you to warm up to her at a pace that you are comfortable with, and is very understanding of your needs. If her very presence in the same room is bothersome for you, she can wait elsewhere while we meet, she doesn't mind that either.